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micro mirror array in detail The DLP® Digital Light Processing of Texas Instruments represents a proven technology of MEMS spatial light modulators also beyond standard projection and TV applications. The general purpose DLP®  Discovery™4100 platform is different from the DLP® standard projector hardware; it provides highest performance and flexibility within the DLP® chipset family. The DLP® Discovery™4100 technology is outstanding with respect to customized, high‑speed use; the DDC4100 is the only interface that gives comprehensive, direct full‑speed control over the mirror array. Global array switching rates of more than 22kHz are paving the way to new emerging applications. 3D scanners and direct imaging maskless lithography for print screen and PCB production are two examples where DLP® Discovery™ technology has been successfully implemented.
  ViALUX is authorized DLP® Design House Partner of Texas Instruments and supports hundreds of customers around the world with both standard components and customized solutions.

ViALUX has long term experience in the Discovery™ platform since Discovery™ 1000 was released in 2001. The customers are comprehensively supported: with DLP® modules for their first proof of concept work, during the R&D phase up to the OEM supply of DLP® components for series production.
  VX4100 series production board   The DLP® V‑Modules of ViALUX are designed for a rapid and efficient launch into DLP® technology. They consist of a high‑value board and appropriate software. The DLP® controller boards come with completely configured high‑speed FPGA logic and USB controller firmware. The corresponding Controller Suite is a proven solution for PC based DLP® application development without the need of hardware design. DLP® V‑Modules are well suited for education, academic research, proof of concept, and also as OEM components for series production.  
  ALP Controller   The DLP® Controller Suite ALP‑4, developed by ViALUX, is a proven firmware and software package for the DLP® Discovery™ platform. The ALP‑4 Controller is integral part of the DLP® V‑Modules and is frequently used with the DLP® Discovery™ Developer Kits as well.  
  Optical Modules   The LED‑OM Optical Modules enable DLP® Discovery™ users to instantly combine the DLP® micro mirror device with high‑power LED light sources in the visible and UV range.  
  Developer Kits   The purchase of the DLP® Discovery™ 4100 Developer Kits gives customers access to all the technical details of the DLP® Chipset and thus enables application specific FPGA logic design for the 400MHz DDC4100 interface. The DLP® KnowledgeBase information is also required for launching PCB development of a custom DLP® controller board.  
  DMD Chipset   DLP® Chipsets packages including all accessories for DMD mounting are available for registered customers producing their own DLP® control hardware.  
  DLP® Discovery™ is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Inc.  
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