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360° Scan

zSnapper® cart is a full-body 3D shape measuring system that provide leading-edge performance in a conveniernt, easy-to-operate solution. Designed for medical use cases, zSnapper® cart fulfills typical demands for health care facilities and clinics.
zSnapper cart
Medical Grade 3D Body Scanner

zSnapper® cart is a mobile 3D full body scanner, which is particularly suitable for usage in the medicine and health care because of its efficient, precise and reliable sensor technology. The measurement of the 3D shape is based on phase encoded photogrammetry. A coordinate triplet independent of the neighborhood is calculated by means of projected pattern sequences for each camera pixel. An industrial DLP® micromirror chipset of Texas Instruments is used as a core element for pattern generation. Both, DLP® and high-power LED light sources represent a new class of solid state scanners free of maintenance and wear.
As an authorized DLP® Design House partner of Texas Instruments ViALUX uses its own DLP® controller solutions that are optimized for linearity and synchronization for phase coded photogrammetry. The devices do not use laser and there is no risk for the eyes. In a few milliseconds the single acquisition is recorded and immediately visualized on the PC.

The scanning unit and the measuring computers are integrated into a trolley which can be moved freely and at each new location ready for immediate use. The device thereby enables a new level of mobility, as it will not be achieved by automatic 3D body scanners such accuracy level otherwise. The complete zSnapper® cart system can be transported in a car.
3D Measuring

Multiple views are required to generate the 360° model of a body. For this purpose, the person to be measured is standing on a turntable. The TURN3D software plugin measures continuously with high 3D frame rate and combines different views to a complete 360° model. The evaluation software determines body measurements automatically or with comfortable interaction tools.
Measurement zSnapper® cart
4D Measuring

For the time-resolved 4D measurement of whole bodies or body parts by zSnapper® cart software Scan4D be used. By Scan4D Plugin full body-scenes with a 3D-repetition rate of 20 Hz are recorded on minutes away. In the field of medicine and health care which may be seen particularly in the analysis of postural damage or motion sequences for use and offers application advantages over static or quasi-static 3D body scans.

For the measured 3D data different export formats are available.

  • ViALUX provides the user with all the measured surface coordinates in an open text format ready (.pct)
  • Polygonal surface models exported as .stl, .obj or .vrml
  • Especially for medical application supports ViALUX software Slice models (.aop)
  • The pixel accuracy associated b/w texture of the measured object are presented in any case
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