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Body Part Scanner
zSnapper® portable
Medical Grade 3D Body Part Scanner
The small and lightweight zSnapper® portable is a 3D scanner designed to scan objects fast and precisely. As part of the zSnapper® product family it reflects the company’s long-term experience in full-field optical metrology. In particular, ViALUX’ well proven concept of pixel-by-pixel fringe phase measurement is combined with the advantages of DLP® micro mirror technology and high-power monochrome LED light sources. Unique hardware design and sophisticated software algorithms yield outstanding 3D scanner performance.
The zSnapper® 3D scanners are all laser-free and eye-safe. Due to the full-field operation, the 3D object shape is captured in one shot which gives intrinsic reliability and accuracy compared to any line scan devices. The data of multiple views are merged automatically using long-term proven ViALUX software. Also available is a 4D scanning software providing the outstanding rate of 40 fps (3D frames per second), even in multiple scanner configurations.
zSnapper® portable is a versatile device; the same scan unit can be used tripod mounted or hand-held. ViALUX offers software packages that are tailored to customer needs for their respective use cases.
Hand-held scanner operation

Hand-held scanner operation is one option for body part scanning. The operator takes the scan unit, aims at the object and pushes the button – each 3D snapshot is instantly displayed on the connected laptop PC.
Mounted scanner operation

Mounted scanner operation is typically preferred. It gives increased comfort and provides additional features. The following use cases are frequently adopted:

  • head or foot scanning by rotating the person
  • complete face recording in <0.1 s by multiple units
  • 4D shape video recording with 40 fps (3D-frames/s)
  • scanning non-living items using a hand-operated table.

There are different software methods implemented and customers can select the best suited one.

  • Automatic FUSION of the snapshots produces the complete 3D surface shape. No reference markers are required while the high precision and point density of zSnapper® portable guarantees the medical grade accuracy of the result.
  • Pre-defined REFERENCE TARGETS around the object are supported for complex tasks like scanning (i) the foot and (ii) the corresponding foam box in perfect mutual alignment.
  • RANDOM DOTS are another option that proved very reliable in clinical use, in particular for scanning the skull of babies who do frequently change their facial shape during scanning.
3D Body Part Scanner zSnapper portable
Software zSnapper portable
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