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4D Scanning
The zSnapper® Scanner family is outstanding with respect to high speed of measurement combined with the high precision of the 3D point clouds. This basic advantage enables 4D recordings of dynamic processes with unparalleled quality of each single point cloud in the 4D sequence. In addition, multiple zSnapper®  portable scan units can be coupled to form an ensemble of well synchronized, registered 3D scanners. Such configuration generates the 3D surface of the measuring object from different perspective views taken at the same moment in time. The different scanners work simultaneously but do not interfere with each other, so that a rate of more than 40 full scans per second can be achieved.
4D Scanstation zSnapper multiple
4D Scanstation zSnapper multiple
Scan4D Software
The zSnapper® software Scan4D is a plugin optimized for recording and visualizing 4D sequences. High-performance 3D algorithms combined with an ergonomic user interface enable new exciting applications in clinics, rehabilitation centers, and biomechanics laboratories.
The 4D data flow delivered from one single zSnapper® scan unit provides already valuable information on body motions and muscle reactions. Up to 6 synchronized scan units can be integrated in the Scan4D software plugin and a convenient tool establishes the mutual registration of the scanners easily. This way, the results from different viewing directions are stitched together automatically within milliseconds generating the 360° geometry of the body for each single point in time. The result is a 4D sequence that is displayed in the 4D viewer of the Scan4D plugin with the b/w texture of the surface overlaid on the 3D point clouds.  
Even single shots taken with such zSnapper® scanner ensemble provide clear advantages for non-stable objects. Body movements are not critical so that precise 360° scans of body parts can be taken without any mechanical fixations or the need of external references.
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