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Development Kits              

Texas Instruments supports customers with reference designs and development boards for designing custom DLP® technology solutions. The following kit is available:
  • DLP® Discovery™4100
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DLP® Discovery™ Development Kits  

DLP® Discovery™ provides highest performance and flexibility by a direct mirror control interface at 50 Gbit ⁄ s data rate. DLP® LightCrafter™ comes with a simplified controller interface for repeated display of one pre‑loaded pattern sequence. Detailed specifications are given here.

The purchase of the DLP® Discovery™ 4100 Development Kit gives customers access to all the technical details of the chipset and thus enables application specific FPGA logic design for the 400MHz DDC4100 interface. The DLP® KnowledgeBase information is also required for launching the PCB development of a custom DLP® controller board.

Typically, Development Kits are the starting point of a comprehensive hardware ⁄ firmware design and implementation. ViALUX offers the ALP‑4 .1 Controller Suite also for use with the Developer Kits enabling rapid launch of proof of concept and basic investigations. High‑end use cases can be tested by ALP‑4.1 with the full performance of  the Discovery™4100 chipset even before customers have finished their own PCB and FPGA development.

DMD type 0.95''

DMD type 0.95" 1080p VIS0.7" XGA VIS
0.95" 1080p UV
0.7" XGA UV
DMD array
Mirror pitch
10.8 µm13.68 µm
10.8 µm
13.68 µm
Note: The WUXGA DMD (1920x1200) is available as  V‑Module  from ViALUX.
Discovery™ 4100 Development Kits include:

  • Access to DLP® Discovery™ KnowledgeBase

  • DLP® Discovery™ 4100 Main Board with
    • 400 MHz 2xLVDS DDC4100 Interface
    • Virtex‑5 FPGA for application specific logic development
    • Dimensions: 190,5 x 98,5 mm²

  • DMD Board with
    • 2x LVDS DMD 0.7″ XGA or
    • 2x LVDS DMD 0.95″ 1080p

  • 12″ Flexible cable connecting Main Board and DMD Board
    • 1x for 0.75″ XGA or
    • 2x for 0.955″ 1080p

  • Power supply and cables
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Block diagramm development kits
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