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End-User License Agreement (EULA) for ViALUX 3D Scanner Software
This “License” establishes a legal contract between the “Licensee” and ViALUX Messtechnik + Bildverarbeitung GmbH („ViALUX“) with respect to the use of all ViALUX 3D Scanner products, including but not limited to SnapCal, zSnapper® SDK, Studio3D, as well as all the Plugins running in Studio3D (“Software”). It governs the use of Software in general if not otherwise agreed in writing. The General Terms of Business (GTB) of ViALUX apply without any restrictions, in particular with respect to warranty and liability.  
The purchase of License grants the customer a right for utilization of Software while ViALUX retains the full ownership of Software in all respects of property.   
This right for utilization of Software or parts of Software can be limited in time depending upon the type of the license purchased. The utilization of Software is strictly bound to the use with original ViALUX 3D Scanner hardware products. Using Software with any other 3D Scanner hardware is strictly prohibited if not otherwise agreed in writing. The License is granted as a whole, it must not be split into parts.  

The program code for Software programming samples, e.g. for zSnapper® SDK, (“Sample Code”) is provided as open source without any guarantee of completeness or correctness. Sample Code can be used by Licensee for generating new extended application programs where referencing the origin of Sample Code is required in the program sources.   

All kind of “Documents” (e.g. hardware and software manuals, samples, data sheets, presentations, graphs, tables) is protected by copyright. Licensee has the right of reproduction of individual Documents in whole and as it is, while any modification or partly reproduction is strictly prohibited if not permitted in writing by ViALUX.

Any attempt of reverse engineering aiming at disclosing proprietary sources of Software, parts of Software, or implemented algorithms is strictly prohibited and is treated as an act of crime and is subject to prosecution.

September 20, 2017
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