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Monochrome LED optic modules
LED optic module
The monochrome LED light engines are designed for use with LightCrafter™6500 evaluation modules. The DLP6500 chipset features a 1 080p DMD and the DLPC900 controller which is basically different from the high-performance DLP® Discovery™4100 products. The application potential of DLPC900 is focused on two typical use cases:
  • video mode: streaming data from a video source (DVI port) at video rate
  • pattern mode: display of a static set of preloaded patterns
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LightCrafter & DMD Chips

ViALUX offers two monochrome LED light engines. Both units are accessories for the LightCrafter™6500 EVMs:
  • STAR‑065 3.0 EVM Type A for use with DLP®LightCrafter™6500 Type A
  • STAR‑065 3.0 EVM s6000 for use with DLP®LightCrafter™6500 s600

The two light engines differ in the DMD package and mounting concept.

DMD Chip Type AThe Type A package is equivalent to the Discovery™ chipset package and enables:

  • UV operation at 405 nm
  • Light power densities up to 25 W⁄cm²
  • Stable mechanical mount for metrology use

DMD Chip s600
The s600 package is a cost‑efficient model for visible use at > 420 nm wavelength and for moderate light power density.
Delivery and application
The STAR-065 3.0 EVM monochrome LED light engines are based upon the STAR CORE optics and integrate a high-power BigChip™ LED including the ViALUX digital LED driver for up to 24 A.
Following wavelength selection is available:
  • λ [nm] = 460 ⁄ 525 ⁄ 613/  white
  • λ [nm] = 405 for Type‑A package only.
The ViALUX LED driver of the STAR‑065 3.0 EVM is controlled by I²C commands for setting the LED current and reading the LED thermistor output. Sample script files are provided for instant use with the LightCrafter™6500 GUI.
The light output is typically 35% less compared to the STAR‑07 2.0 due to the smaller active mirror area of the 0.65”DMD with 16:9 aspect ratio.
See STAR-07 2.0 Specification for details.
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