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AutoGrid® comsmart
Quality assurance by strain analysis
Strain measurement has become a valuable tool for monitoring deep drawing operations. Measured strain data are used to characterize the safety margin of the forming process. The comparison of actual strain values with the formability limit (FLC) of the sheet metal material provides essential information needed for assuring a stable and efficient deep drawing production flow. AutoGrid® measuring technology has become the proven solution for strain analysis in an industrial environment of a stamping plant. AutoGrid® comsmart provides an automated, user-friendly solution for application of high-precision photogrammetry. The autonomous measuring head guarantees convenient operation; it is battery powered and cable-free.
A single button trigger records a set of 4 synchronized cameras with 5 million pixels resolution. The data can be transferred online or stored for later transfer. An integrated display allows the visual image control in measuring mode.
AutoGrid® comsmart
AutoGrid® comsmart features:
  • Light weight and compact carbon housing
  • 20 Millions of pixel in one single shot
  • PC independent recording of stamped gridded parts
  • Large LCD viewfinder with distance control
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Integrated LED illumination
  • Cable-free operation
AutoGrid® comsmart is the solution for:
  • Die launch, die tuning, die buyoff, die maintenance
  • Stamping quality control
  • Data trending for stamping process monitoring
  • Engineering problem solving
  • Validation of formability simulations
AutoGrid® Software
The AutoGrid® software performs automatically and fast image processing and strain calculation. Comprehensive visualization options are available and customized reports can be generated based upon templates. Using custom templates or existing template files for reports documenting the QA system generate automatically. Experimental strain analysis in sheet metal forming requires physical marking of the sheet before the forming process is applied.
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