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Hi-Speed V-Module Box
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Hi-Speed V-Module
Hi‑Speed V‑Modules provide a high-performance package with small form factor. This industrially proven and cost-effective solution supports the DLP7000 chip at its maximum speed of 22 727 global array switches per second. The USB 2.0 computer interface is speeded-up by lossless compression and the on-board memory holds 21 845 binary images. The ALP‑4 Controller Suite has the complete functionality and is software compatible with the SuperSpeed V‑Modules.
Principle of Operation Hi-Speed
DMD formatXGA
DMD chipDLP7000
Wavelength*400 - 700 nm
ModuleV-7000 UV
DMD formatXGA
DMD chipDLP7000UV
Wavelength*363 - 420 nm
* All models can be used up to 2 500 nm with reduced efficacy.
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