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DLP® Technology
ViALUX launches V‑650L ‑ the latest member of the SuperSpeed V‑Module family. The board works with the DLP650LNIR digital micromirror device and is designed for high‑power NIR applications.

SuperSpeed V-650LNIR – high‑performance subsystem for DLP technology:
Optimized for 950 nm to 1150 nm:

  • Up to 160 W incident on DMD
  • Up to 500 W/cm² illumination power density
  • Window Transmission Efficiency >98%

Kontakt: dlp(at)
SuperSpeed V-650L
DLP® Technology
New software features for SuperSpeed V-Modules

  • Low Latency Control
  • PC detached operation
  • DLP® partial pattern update
  • Extended on-board RAM with 128 Gbit capacity
  • Three cable lenght options for connecting the DMD extension board

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Kontakt: dlp(at)
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