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DLP® Technology
Extended sptectral range for advanced DLP applications

  • More precision in UV
  • More power in NIR
  • More wavelenght range

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Contact: dlpatvialux
DLP® Technology
New addition to SuperSpeed V-Modules

  • Cable strain relief
  • Modified heat sink
  • Modified interface plate
  • Protection cover

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Contact: dlpatvialux
Advancement of AutoGrid® marking stencils

  • Replacement of the 1-point coding for the 2.0 mm stencil
  • DigiGrid XL: XL format marking stencils

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Contact: autogrid(at)
DLP® Technology
ViALUX launches V‑650L ‑ the latest member of the SuperSpeed V‑Module family. The board works with the DLP650LNIR digital micromirror device and is designed for high‑power NIR applications.

SuperSpeed V-650LNIR – high‑performance subsystem for DLP technology:
Optimized for 950 nm to 1150 nm:

  • Up to 160 W incident on DMD
  • Up to 500 W/cm² illumination power density
  • Window Transmission Efficiency >98%

Contact: dlpatvialux
SuperSpeed V-650L
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