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zSnapper® Module
zSnapper® Modules enable rapid 3D scanning application developments that require high-precision coordinate measurement  at high-speed. The ViALUX concept goes beyond the typical business model of other 3D scanner companies by making zSnapper® scan units available as modules for third parties who aim at their own, custom 3D scanner solution or on specific use cases. zSnapper® Modules combine latest sensor hardware with a powerful software library (zSnapper® API).

The sensor hardware supports one or two Sony CMOS image sensors that are FPGA attached to ViALUX’s high-performance DLP projection unit so that all components are precisely synchronized internally. Integrators take advantage of this advanced Direct Link architecture by straightforward system setup maintaining maximum performance. Reduced interfaces and cabelling enhance the system reliability.

The powerful 3D scanning API has been successfully applied in all the ViALUX 3D scanner products and it is now released for customers on zSnapper® Module level. The software delivers (x, y, z) coordinates directly and automatically for use in 3D machine vision. Customers can focus on generating added value by their own software development based upon their application knowledge with the additional benefit of short time to market periods.

There are two products available. Attractive zSnapper® Module pricing includes the licensing of the zSnapper® API software package.

zSnapper® Module
zSnapper® API (zSn.dll)
zSnapper Module
zSnapper® Stereo Module
zSnapper® API (zSn.dll)
zSnapper Stereo Module
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