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Industrial grade DLP-projection


STAR-07STAR‑07 is a high performance pattern projector based upon the Texas Instruments DLP® micro mirror device and designed to serve in demanding industrial applications. Widely used in multimedia and digital cinema since more than one decade, the well proven DLP® technology has become an important tool for industrial solutions as well. The heart of the STAR‑07 projector is a 0.7” DLP® chip that consists of an array of 1024x768 mirrors. These bi-stable mirrors flip into opposite tilt positions within microseconds to generate the desired patterns. STAR‑07 provides precise high‑speed control for each individual mirror enabling outstanding flexibility and pattern frame rates of the projection output. The projector is equipped with a high‑power LED light source that is the key for the compact and rugged design of the device.

Typical use cases are machine vision illumination, 3D scanning, industrial exposure, and additive manufacturing. Beyond that, new emerging applications are well supported by an open SDK interface. STAR‑07 comes with two lens options, the standard projection lens with zoom capability and a wide angle lens with fixed focal length.
System Architecture

The central control unit of STAR‑07 is USB2.0 connected and realizes pattern upload, display and synchronization.   An integrated trigger facility supports selectable voltage levels and is software programmable. The digital driver for   the LED light source gives convenient access to power setting and temperature reading for thermal management.
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System Control

System Control STAR-07
The ViALUX ALP‑4.2 Controller Suite is the central  programming tool and provides all necessary   functionality for product development. Sequences of patterns are  uploaded from PC to the on‑board memory via USB2.0 transfer with  lossless compression.   The properties of the display sequences, e.g. bit depth, picture  time, trigger mode, repetitions can be freely defined to meet the  respective application requirements.   The ALP‑4.2 firmware streams patterns from on-board SDRAM memory  to the DLP7000 micro mirror array where the input pattern is one-to-one  mapped to the mirrors.   The patterns are updated in the global reset mode; that means all  mirrors are switching simultaneously within a few microseconds. Grey  value patterns are generated by   controlled ON‑time for each mirror yielding exact grey value  linearity. The maximum global array switching rate is 22 727 fps; even  higher frame rates can be achieved   by partial updates of the DLP® micro mirror array. Multiple  STAR‑07 devices can be run in parallel, conveniently controlled from the  same application program and precisely   synchronized by the trigger facility.
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